Kansas Democratic Party Releases DNC Delegate Selection Plan

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Weekly Wrap-Up 4/24/15

New Research from KU on Political Behavior

LAWRENCE — Most partisans — average Democratic and Republican voters — act like fans in sports rivalries instead of making political choices based on issues, according to a new study with a University of Kansas researcher as the lead author.

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/17/2015


Monday is the day (April 20th) when the state gets the news about its revenue picture for the coming year.  Legislators are waiting on those projections to finalize the budget, make decisions about cuts and taxes and see whether they will be able to finish the session without bitter acrimony.

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/10/15


The legislature has gone home for a spring break, but the session is far from finished—no budget, no tax plan, no Medicaid expansion, just a host of punitive legislation aimed at poor people and a lot of laws Kansas didn’t need, such as a new concealed carry bill. 

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/27/15

Everyone says it's been a busy week at the Capitol, but it still feels to the public like nothing much is happening.  Dozens of bills were passed by the House and Senate, but nothing of much consequence since the block grant school funding proposal.  That was huge!    

Weekly Wrap-Up

Today is a kind-of-sad day all around…the news from the legislature is depressing, Governor Brownback is still in charge, and today is Jason Perkey’s last day as Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party.  The good news is that the Party elected a fine leadership team at Washington Days, county chairs are organizing events in their counties and everyone is looking towards the election in 2016. 

Fact Checking Brownback's Block Grants

The governor and his legislative allies are continuing the fight against public education by fast tracking a bill that eliminates per-pupil funding and allocates a lump sum block grant to individual schools. 

Senator Hensley's Washington Days Remarks

Before I begin my remarks, I would like to take this opportunity to call upon Kris Kobach, the most racist politician in America, to resign from office.

His recent outrageous comments about the President of the United States are despicable, beyond the pale, an embarrassment to the Republican Party and, more importantly, an embarrassment to the people of Kansas.

Right after his first election in 2010, Sam Brownback met with Republican legislative leaders to outline his basic goals as Governor.

Sam told them that one of his goals was to be remembered as the best Governor in Kansas history. 

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