GOP Senator Greg Smith - Working To Protect Himself

Over the past few weeks State Senator Greg Smith, R-Overland Park, has worked diligently to strip Kansas public employees of their rights. He even testified as a former teacher to help pass a bill that strips Kansas teachers of the ability to control their paychecks.

But he's taken time out of his busy anti-worker, anti-teacher schedule to introduce one pro-employee legislation. The catch: it would only apply to employees of the Kansas state legislature like Sen. Greg Smith.

Sen. Smith's bill (SB 119) forces employers to rehire former legislators at the same pay and responsibility level upon legislative retirement or failure to win re-election. If the employer refuses, the attorney general would be required to represent the former legislator in court, spending Kansas taxpayer dollars in the process.

That's right - Sen. Smith wants the government to be able to force his former employer to take him back once the voters of the 21st Senate District kick him out of office.

You can let Sen. Smith know that you support an equal playing field for all Kansas workers, not one where legislators are afforded special protections while they strip worker protections for public employees who serve Kansas.

You can call Sen. Smith at 785-296-7665, email him at, or contact him via Twitter at his misleading Twitter handle @Greg4KS.

Tell Sen. Smith his focus should be on creating jobs for all Kansans, not just himself!

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