Kansas Politics Week In Review

The Kansas Legislature had a shortened, but busy work week. During the course of the four days the legislature did meet this week, Governor Brownback and his GOP allies demonstrated once again why their priorities and beliefs are leading Kansas down a path to ruin. Attacking teachers, undermining the middle-class, and coming out against transparent government were just a few of the bad ideas pushed forward this week.

Below you can see read more about how Brownback and his GOP allies are trying to make Kansas into an ultraconservative utopia. Each line is a link to a news story or editorial discussing Brownback and the GOP's wrong priorities.

  1. Raise the sales tax on working Kansans.
  2. Eliminate income tax deductions for homeowners and the Kansas middle-class.
  3. Give more tax breaks to the wealthiest Kansans.
  4. Shift taxes onto the backs of lower- and middle-income Kansans.
  5. Make the judiciary beholden to Governor Brownback.
  6. Defund the Ethics Commission so legislators can no longer be audited.
  7. "Get rid of public employee unions" for teachers, firemen, and nurses.
  8. Allow employers to take money out of their employees paychecks without notice.
  9. Call teachers "bullies".
  10. Criticize transparency laws that let citizens monitor their elected officials.

And that was just one week, folks.

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