Kansas Politics - The Week In Review

This week Kansas celebrated its 152nd birthday. Over those 152 years, Kansas has seen its fair share of turmoil – from tornadoes to draughts, John Brown to Fred Phelps, or Bleeding Kansas to Brown v. Board of Education. What it has not seen is a governor and legislature so focused on wrong priorities and wasteful legislation.

Instead of working on common sense solutions to strengthen the Kansas economy, help Kansas workers find jobs, or better prepare our students for the workforce, Governor Brownback and his political allies spent Kansas’s birthday week attacking teachers, making it harder for Kansas students to go to college, and proposing tax increases on lower- and middle-income Kansans to pay for more tax breaks for the richest Kansans.

Here the highlights of what Governor Brownback and his conservative GOP buddies are spending their time and your taxpayer dollars:

  1. Pushing a tax plan that raises taxes on lower, middle-income Kansans to pay for tax breaks for the rich.
  2. Ignoring reports showing that the Governor’s tax plan will create a nearly billion dollar deficit
  3. Taking away local control on property taxes from counties and municipalities.
  4. Targeting teachers and unions for political payback.
  5. Changing the Kansas Constitution so they can continue cutting education funding
  6. Introducing legislation to make it harder for Kansas students to go to college.
  7. Suggesting female GOP legislators find a “male escort” to protect them in the capitol.
  8. Citing concerns about “democracy”, proposing a Constitutional amendment to give Governor Brownback the power to appoint partisan judges
  9. And then making sure to set the vote on the constitutional amendment for a low-turnout primary.
  10. Going back on their promise to provide Kansans with a comprehensive transportation plan.

Another week of negative leadership and harmful legislative proposals. Kansas is another week older, and if Brownback has his way, deeper in debt.

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