KDP Chair Wagnon Rips Offensive, Misleading Kansas GOP Mail Piece

“This is a new low for the Kansas Republican Party,” Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair said. 

“The Kansas GOP’s mail piece questions why Mr. Humphrey changed his last name and implies he has something to hide. But that could not be farther from the truth - Mr. Humphrey changed his last name because he was adopted by his step-father.”

“This is particularly offensive to me because I once served as Executive Director of the Kansas Families for Kids, an adoption project whose mission was to find homes for children.  This is a sad, desperate mail piece that seeks to play on people’s worst fears and prejudices.” 

“The Kansas Republican Party should be ashamed of itself for this offensive and pathetic mail piece.  Kansas GOP Chair Amanda Adkins also chairs the Kansas Children's Cabinet and has been very supportive of adoption - she should know better.  At the very least, Keith Humphrey and his family are owed an apology by Ms. Adkins and the Kansas Republican Party.”

“This sad, misleading mail piece shows how strong a candidate Keith Humphrey is.  Apparently, the best attack the Kansas GOP can come up against Keith is that he created jobs in Wichita and was adopted by his step-father.”


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