Message From The Chair

Kansas Democrats faced a wave of support for Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney and record-setting outside funding by unaccountable special interest groups, but we overcame these stiff obstacles to retain our seat count in both the Kansas House and Kansas Senate.

These election results are the first step in returning Kansas to its common sense, moderate roots. Our candidates overcame redistricting, a short campaign cycle, crushing amounts of outside special interest money, and a Kansas Republican Party sinking to a new low to win.

Kansans are waking up to the fact that Gov. Brownback and Republican leadership are more concerned with the bank accounts of their billionaire supporters than Kansas middle-class families.

Just yesterday, Gov. Brownback tried to bury the grim economic numbers Kansas faces because of his reckless tax giveaway – a billion dollar loss in revenue and a deeper deficit than anyone had predicted. It is becoming clear - the governor and his conservative GOP leadership cannot continue hiding the truth from the people of Kansas. And the truth is that their policies will bankrupt our great state and do irreparable harm to Kansas families, students, and businesses.

Kansans are also waking up to the fact that our Secretary of State walked out on the job Tuesday night.  Kris Kobach went home knowing there were very serious problems with polling machines in Wichita and before a single vote was counted in Kansas’ largest city.  This is unacceptable and demonstrates a complete failure of leadership.

I am proud of all our great candidates who stepped up and ran with integrity and grit knowing that special interests were attempting to buy Kansas races.  And I can confidently say that Kansas Democrats and Kansas voters are moving in the right direction. Each day Governor Brownback and his supporters mismanage Kansas and put billionaires before Kansas families, we are a day closer to returning common sense candidates who put Kansas first back into office.

With this election behind us, today we start working to make sure Governor Brownback is looking for a new job in 2014. We will need the support of all common-sense, moderate Kansans if we are to change our state's path and future.

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