Paycheck Deception Coming To The Kansas Legislature

Republican legislators in the Kansas House and Senate are moving quickly to strip Kansas workers of the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Tomorrow at 1:30 pm the House Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development Committee will hold hearings on HB 2023, a bill that restricts the fundamental constitutional rights of public employees from engaging in political speech. Equally important, the bill seeks to prohibit voluntary automatic paycheck deductions - voluntary deductions that allow workers' voices to participate in the democratic process.

This bill singles out public employees, such as teachers, nurses, and firefighters and denies them the freedom to use payroll deductions to make voluntary political donations.

We have seen this before in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The Kansas GOP's goal is to silence workers and undercut wages for working Kansans.

STEP 1Silence Kansas Workers
STEP 2Abolish Kansas Workers' Right To Bargain
STEP 3Cut Kansas Workers' Wages And Benefits

Kansas workers are under attack and must act now! Contact your state representative and tell them you support workers' rights and the First Amendment!

Below you can find a list of the legislators who need to hear from you. Call and e-mail them and tell them to keep our government out of your paycheck.

House Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development Committee

Chairman - Marvin Kleeb (R - District 48 - Overland Park)
785 296-7680

Vice Chair - Gene Sullentrop (R - District 91 - Wichita)
785 296-7681

Steve Brunk (R - District 85 - Wichita)
785 296-7645

Richard Carlson (R - District 61 - St. Mary’s)
785 296-4830

Will Carpenter (R - District 75 - El Dorado)
785 296-7673

J.R. Claeys (R - District 69 - Salina)
785 296-7670

Ken Corbet (R - District 54 - Topeka)
785 296-7679

Travis Couture-Lovelady (R - District 110 - Palco)
785 296-4683

Michael Houser (R - District 1 - Columbus)
785 296-7679

Mark Hutton (R - District 105 - Wichita)
785 296-7673

Joshua Powell (R - District 50 - Topeka)
785 296-7674

Allan Rothlisberg (R - District 65 - Grandview Plaza )
785 296-7653

Ron Ryckman (R - District 78 - Olathe)
785 296-6287

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