Tell The Kansas Legislature To Get Off Kansas Workers Back And Out Of Their Paychecks

Kansas workers need your help now - stand up for working Kansans and tell GOP legislators to stop playing politics with public employees paychecks!

Working families should have the same right to make their voices heard in politics as anyone else.

HB 2023 and SB 31 are a direct attempt at silencing the hard working men and women of Kansas. What workers decide to do with their paychecks is none of the Government's business.

It's time for the Government to get off of workers' backs, out of their paychecks, and to end these outrageous attempt to strip workers of their First Amendment rights simply because they chose to join a union.

If you agree that workers have the right to spend their hard earned wages any way they want, click here and let Governor Brownback and his GOP allies know that you stand with Kansas workers.

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