Meet Our Candidates

Statewide Candidates

Paul Davis & Jill Docking - Governor & Lt. Govenoer  

Jean Schodorf - Secretary of State

AJ Kotich - Attorney General 

Dennis Anderson - Insurance Commissioner  

Carmen Alldritt - State Treasurer 

Janet Waugh - State Board of Education 

Congressional Candidates

Jim Sherow - 1st District 

Margie Wakefield - 2nd District

Kelly Kultala - 3rd District

Kansas House Candidates

Brian Caswell - 1st District 

Adam J. Lusker - 2nd District

Julie Menghini - 3rd District

Lucas Cosens - 4th District

Miranda Rickel - 5th District 

Christy C. Levings - 6th District 

Jodie Dietz - 8th District  

John Wilson - 10th Dstrict 

Eden Fuson - 12th District 

Merlin Ring - 14th District 

Steve Wright - 15th District 

Don McGuire - 16th District 

Larry Meeker - 17th Disrict

Cindy Neighbor - 18th District 

Patricia Stratton - 19th District 

Elizabeth Arnold - 20th District 

Amy Bell - 21st District 

Nancy Lusk - 22nd District

Amber Versola - 23rd District

Jarrod Ousley - 24th District 

Jennifer Robinson - 25th District

Cheron Tiffany - 26th District 

Theresa Hohl - 27th District 

Heather Meyer - 29th District

Liz Dickinson - 30th District  

Louis Ruiz - 31st District

Pam Curtis - 32nd District 

Tom Burroughs - 33rd District

Valdenia Winn - 34th District

Broderick Henderson - 35th District 

Kathy Wolfe Moore - 36th District

Stan Frownfelter - 37th District

Jan Pringle - 38th District 

Vicki Hiatt - 39th District 

Linda Johnson - 40th District 

Nancy Bauder - 41st District 

Austin Harris - 42nd District 

Caitlin Trujillo - 43rd District 

Barbara Ballard - 44th District

Dennis "Boog" Highberger - 46th District

Bob Sirridge - 47th District 

Sandy Ackerson - 48th District 

Darnell Hunt - 49th District 

Chris Huntsman - 50th District 

Ty Dragoo - 52nd District 

Annie Tietze - 53rd District

Ann Mah - 54th District 

Annie Kuether - 55th District

Virgil Weigel - 56th District

John Alcala - 57th District  

Harold Lane - 58th District

Scott James Barnhart - 59th District 

Vivien J. Olsen - 61st District 

Steve Lukert - 62nd District 

Jerry Henry - 63rd District

Tom Brungardt - 65th District

Sydney Carilin - 66th District 

Gary Swartzendruber - 69th District 

Von Peterson - 73rd District 

Keri Ratliff - 75th District 

Teresa Briggs - 76th District 

Jim Poe - 78th District 

Ed Trimmer - 79th District 

Lynn Wells - 81st District 

Danette Harris - 82nd District 

Carolyn Bridges - 83rd District 

Gail Finney - 84th District

Patrick Thorpe - 85th District 

Jim Ward - 86th District

Charles Jenney - 87th District  

Patricia Sloop - 88th District 

Roderick Houston - 89th District 

John Carmichael - 92nd Distrcit 

Sammy K. Flaharty - 93rd District 

Tom Sawyer - 95th District

Brandon Whipple - 96th District

Steven Crum - 98th District 

John Wallace Willoughby - 100th District 

Brian E. Davis - 102nd District

Ponka-We Victors - 103rd District

Sherry Livingston - 105th District 

James A. Leiker - 111th District 

Steve Muehleisen - 112th District

Mark Low - 115th District 

John E. Thomas - 119th District 

Gary Smith - 121st District 

District Court Judge  

Gregory L. Waller - 18th District 

John J. Kisner - 18th District  

Ron Svaty - 20th District 

Trish Rose - 27th District 

Delia Maria York - 29th District 

William P. Mahoney - 29th District 

J. Dexter Burdette - 29th District

Kate Lynch - 29th District 

Bill L. Klapper - 29th District 

Timothy L. Dupree - 29th District 

Courtney Mikesic - 29th District 

James T. Yoakum - 29th District 

Wesley K. Griffin - 29th District 

Aaron T. Roberts - 29th District 



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