Our History

Our History

The Kansas Democratic Party has long fought for the ideal that government should represent the people, and that wealth and privilege shouldn’t entitle anyone to govern. The values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and responsibility are the values that guide us. We believe that no one should be allowed to rewrite the rules and rig the system for themselves. Greed and irresponsibility should never be the law of the land.

Democrats have served as governor of the state of Kansas for nearly two-thirds of the last 55 years. Democratic governors who served the state during that time are Mark Parkinson (Olathe), Kathleen Sebelius (Topeka), Joan Finney (Topeka), John Carlin (Smolan), Robert Docking (Arkansas City) and George Docking (Lawrence). Twenty-six Democrats have served Kansas in Congress, including Dennis Moore (Lenexa), Nancy Boyda (Topeka), Jim Slattery (Topeka), Dan Glickman (Wichita), Martha Keys (Manhattan), and George McGill (Wichita). Kansas Democrats also have served as attorney general, state treasurer, insurance commissioner, and the secretary of state. Kansas Democrats have served in the Legislature, city councils, county commissions, and in every other capacity around the state.

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