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The first duty of every concerned Kansan is to vote, but new bills rushed into law in the Statehouse have made voting more difficult than ever. Starting in 2012, all registered voters in Kansas must show identification in order to vote. Other changes in voting procedures are coming soon. We'll keep you informed.


If you have not yet registered to vote in Kansas, you can visit the Kansas Online Voter Registration Page and follow the instructions. You will need your Kansas driver’s license to help complete the process. 

To vote everyone must now take ID to the polling place. Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • A driver’s license or non–driver’s ID issued by Kansas or any other State (address does not need to match)
  • Conceal and carry handgun license
  • Passport
  • ID badge issued by a government employer
  • Military ID           
  • ID from accredited postsecondary institution in Kansas
  • Public assistance ID card issued by government entity (ID card must contain a photo)

Advance Voting Procedures

A person voting in person in the county election office or at a satellite site is treated the same as a regular voter at the polling place on election day.

A person voting by mail may write his or her driver’s license number on the application form or submit a copy of valid identification with the ballot application.

If You Need to Obtain an ID

You can get a free ID by following these steps:

  1. Obtain a free birth certificate by contacting the Office of Vital Statistics at (785) 296-1400 and request a birth certificate for the purpose of obtaining free ID.
  2. Take your birth certificate to DMV and fill out an affidavit to obtain a free voter ID. You can get the form for the affidavit either at the DMV or at this link:

You do NOT have to use a photo ID if you meet the following criteria:

  • Persons age 65 or older may use expired photo ID documents.
  • Military and overseas citizens who vote under the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.
  • If you are voting in a mail ballot elections. These elections are limited to local jurisdictions holding special question submitted elections.
  • Any person whose religious beliefs prohibit photographic identification may be exempted from the photo ID requirement.

Have Questions?
Contact Kaelyn Seymour
(785) 234-0425 ext. 707

Register and Sign Up for an Advanced Ballot

If you are already registered to vote and want to find your polling location, just click HERE.

If you have not yet registered to vote in Kansas, you can visit the Kansas Online Voter Registration Page and follow the instructions. You will need your Kansas driver’s license to help complete the process. 

If you are not able to make it to the polls on Election Day, you have the right to request and submit an absentee ballot. The ballot will come in the mail and must be returned before Election Day. You can download the Application for Advance Ballot by Mail form.   

You will need your Kansas driver's license or social security number to complete the form.

Know Your Rights


Know Your Rights

As a voter, you have the right to:

  • Ask questions
  • Request a ballot if you are a United States citizen 18 years or older, a Kansas resident, and registered to vote
  • Vote a provisional ballot if your name is not on the voter registration list or if there is another question about your qualifications to vote
  • Vote in an accessible voting place, and request assistance if needed
  • Review a sample ballot before voting
  • Mark your ballot privately and free from coercion or intimidation
  • Receive instructions on how to contact the appropriate officials if these rights are alleged to have been violated
  • Receive a ballot if you are in line at the time the polls close
  • Obtain up to two replacement ballots if yours is mismarked or spoiled
  • Occupy the voting booth up to five minutes if others are waiting
  • Have your ballot count if it is cast legally and timely
  • Register to vote at least 15 days before the election
  • Provide identification if you are a first-time voter in the county and have not already provided identification
  • Respect the privacy and voting rights of others
  • Read and follow instructions
  • Follow all federal and state voting laws
  • Follow voting procedures established by the county election officer and precinct election board workers
  • Report illegal activities such as electioneering, denial of voting rights, bribery, and misrepresentation or other alleged election crimes to the precinct election board, the county election officer, or the secretary of state
  • Review your ballot before casting it to ensure it is complete and correct
  • Treat election workers and other voters with courtesy and respect
  • Be informed about the candidates and issues on the ballot
  • Keep your voter registration and address records current in the county election office

Voting Instructions

Unsure of the voting process? Here are your election day voting instructions.

  • State your name
  • Sign the poll book
  • Upon request you may receive assistance in signing your name or in voting
  • Provide valid identification if requested
  • Mark your ballot
  • Make sure the ballot is complete and accurate, then cast it
  • Exit the polling place

If you do have to vote by a provisional ballot, there are additional instructions.

  • Complete a new voter registration card
  • Mark your ballot and seal it in the envelope provided
  • Sign the statement on the envelope
  • You will receive information about how to find out whether your ballot counted and, if not, why

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