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KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: The GOP's Woman Problem & Lynn Jenkins

GOP Losing Women?

Jenkins Actions And Words Help Explain The GOP's Woman Problems 


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Far-Right Kansas Legislature Sells Out Kansas Schools

Kansas saw a number of big news stories this week even with the Kansas Legislature adjoining for their spring break.


Why Due Process Matters

Yesterday, far-right Kansas Republicans passed an education "reform" bill that weakened public schools and stripped Kansas teachers of due process protections. After refusing to comment on the bill and hiding reporters, Governor Brownback praised the bill in a media release while failing to acknowledge any of the unpopular, anti-education reforms that had been slipped in with little debate and no legislative hearings.


Kansas GOP Attacks On Kansas Public Schools Continues

For the past three days, far-right Kansas Republicans have attempted to undermine our public schools. They've voted to give corporations tax credits for donations to private schools, give property tax breaks to parents who send their kids to private school, and strip public school teachers of due process - leaving teachers unprotected from unjust firings.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Competing Education Plans Emerge

Competing Education Fixes Emerge In Kansas Senate, House  

Senate Plan Backed By AFP, House Plan Nearly Mirrors Paul Davis' Proposed Fix



KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Kansans Fleeing Brownback

Census Finds Kansas Losing Residents Under Brownback  

Migrating Kansans Means Another Broken Promise For Brownback Administration



Kansas Democrats In Their Own Words

Kansas Democrats from across the state are ready to restore Kansas this November. Take a minute and find out why this election matters so much for the future of our Kansas schools, businesses, and communities.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Put Up or Shut Up

This week the Kansas Legislature and education policymakers grappled with the Kansas Supreme Court's school finance ruling that ordered the state to find $129 million to resolve inequities between rich and poor school districts. Yet one person was conspicuously missing - Governor Sam Brownback, who was nowhere to be found.


Democrats Act To Support Property Tax Relief for Middle-Class Kansans

Late this morning, the Kansas Legislature voted overwhelmingly to support $45 million in property tax relief to Kansas homeowners struggling under the weight of rising property taxes. The House voted 102-17 in favor of an amendment to HB 2542 that would restore the local ad valorem tax reduction fund at $45 million per year, starting in Fiscal Year 2015.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up

Shawnee County DA Chad Taylor Enters US Senate Race

Hard To Tell Which Republican Candidate Is Having The Worse Campaign 



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