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Weekly Wrap Up: Kansas Democrats Rack Up Editorial Endorsements

Over the past week Kansas Democratic Party candidates have received endorsements from newspapers all over the State.



KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Schodorf Clear Choice For Kansas Secretary of State

Schodorf Clear Choice For Secretary Of State

Kobach's Partisanship, Voter Suppresion, And Extremism Exposed

Kris Kobach may have found the source of widespread voter fraud: himself.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Brownback Budget Hole Deepens, Kansas Going Broke Under Brownback

Brownback Digging Kansas Into Deeper Budget Mess

Kansas Schools, Families In The Crosshairs


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: The Best Times, Round 1, and GUTS

Kansas On The Road To Eliminating Medicare 

Read The Column That Caused Far-Right Republicans To Threaten Kansas Seniors

This week we finally got to read the Commission's article - and now we know exactly why Kansas legislators were so hell bent on censoring the publication.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Lost Faith, Bogus & Phony Claims, Deceit, and Deception

Lost Faith, Bogus & Phony Claims, Deceit, and Deception

A Week In The Life Of Sam Brownback

Here are a few of the headlines that greeted Sam Brownback this week:


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Lynn Jenkins, Enough Already

A Special Messge From Margie Wakefield

Enough Of Lynn Jenkins


Talyor v. Kobach: Petition for Writ of Mandamanus and Memorandum in Support of Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Yesterday, Chad Taylor, the former Kansas Democratic nominee for United States Senate, filed a petition in the Kansas Supreme Court requesting the Court order Sec. of State Kris Kobach (R) to remove Taylor's name from the ballot.

Below, please find links to Chad Taylor's Petition for Writ of Mandamus and the Memorandum in Support of Petition for Wirt of Mandamus. 


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Davis Stands Up For Kansas Students, Families

Kansans had their first opportunity to see Paul Davis and Sam Brownback debate the future of Kansas and the contrast could not have been clearer.

During an hour long heated debate that saw Brownback supporters howl about Lawrence and Davis supporters demand Brownback answer questions, Kansans had their first chance to see the differences between Rep. Paul Davis and Gov. Sam Brownback.

The contrast could not have been more stark.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Schodorf Surging

For decades, the Kansas Secretary of State's office has been a quiet administrative office that worked to help Kansans vote and register Kansas businesses.

That was before Kris Kobach. Kobach has used the Kansas Secretary of State's office to meddle in elections, bringing partisanship and voter suppression tactics to an office that is charged with running free and fair elections in Kansas.


Kansas Democrats Commemorate Women's Equality Day

Today, Kansans celebrate the 94th annual Women’s Equality Day, commemorating the passage of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote.

"As a former elected official and the chair of the Kansas Democratic Party, I know well the gains Kansas women have made and the work still left to do," said Joan Wagnon, KDP Chair. "Kansas women like Kathleen Sebelius, Nancy Kassebaum, Sandy Praeger, and Judge Nancy Parrish have all helped push Kansas forward. I look forward to working for the next 71 days to elect Jill Docking and Jean Schodorf and continue the Kansas tradition of strong women leaders."



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