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KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Jenkins Abandons Working Kansas Families

As a former elected official and Kansas cabinet member, I firmly believe it is the job of Kansas leaders to help improve the lives of all Kansas families. 

And for most of my career, I have witnessed Democrats and Republicans work together to do just that even though we may not have always agreed upon the best way to strengthen Kansas families or grow our state.  But we were all motivated by a desire to help all Kansans.

That is why I was shocked to learn that Rep. Lynn Jenkins sponsored legislation that pitted Kansas families against each other, taking from one group of working families to give to another.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Brownback Fails First Election Test

This Tuesday Kansas saw its first official polling of the campaign - and the numbers were unkind to Sam Brownback.

When all the votes were counted, only 63% of Kansas Republicans thought Brownback deserved to be re-elected. The remaining 37% preferred Jennifer Winn, a landscaper from Wichita who spent a total of $13,000 on her campaign.


Kansas Democratic Primary Results

Here at the Kansas Democratic Party we wanted to take a second to offer our congratulations to all of yesterday's Kansas Democratic Party primary winners! Here's a complete list of the candidates who prevailed in a contested primary: 

Chad Taylor - U.S. Senate
Jim Sherow - 1st Congressional District
Kelly Kultala - 3rd Congressional District


Davis Out Fundraises Brownback, Momentum Continuing To Build Across Kansas

"There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money, and I can't remember what the second one is."


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: More Polls, More Momentum

We're going to keep this short and sweet: Paul Davis is still beating Sam Brownback, just by a wider margin than before - Davis 48, Brownback 40.

We all know the reasons why: Brownback's cuts to K-12 education and higher education, his disastrous tax plan that threatens the stability of the Kansas budget, and Paul Davis' continued efforts to bring Kansans together to find commonsense, Kansas solutions to the problems Brownback has created.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Contrasting Endorsements

A Tale Of Two Endorsements

Republican Leaders Endorse Davis, Brownback Gets Santorum And Dark Money 


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Kansas Governor's Race A "Toss-Up"

It's hard to imagine there's a politician having a worse week than Gov. Sam Brownback (well, aside from Florida Gov. Rick Scott). Over the past few weeks, the national media has woken up to the disaster that is the Brownback administration and its failed experiment on taxes. And that's meant a string of bad press on Brownback's bad policies.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Davis Offers Kansas Solutions, Brownback Sinks Deeper

This past Monday Paul Davis, Democratic candidate for Kansas governor, unveiled his economic planto fix the economic and fiscal mess created by Gov. Sam Brownback's failed Kansas tax experiment.

The Cliff's Notes version of Paul Davis' plan for Kansas increasingly dire fiscal crisis: stop digging and create Kansas Solutions with experienced business and finance leaders.


KDP Weekly Wrap-Up: Kansas Democrats Trending Up

By now you've probably seen the good news about Paul Davis and Jill Docking: they're beating Sam Brownback 47-41 with just over four months until election day.



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