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KDP Chair Wagnon Responds To Kansas Supreme Court Order Overruling Kris Kobach

TOPEKA – Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair, responded to the Kansas Supreme Court order to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to remove Chad Taylor, former Kansas Democratic Party nominee for United States Senate, from the general election ballot:

I applaud the Kansas Supreme Court decision to follow the law and stop Kris Kobach from undermining Kansas democracy.  Kris Kobach has proven he cannot be trusted to fairly enforce the law. So long as Kris Kobach is Kansas Secretary of State, democracy is threatened.


KDP Chair's Statement Concerning Taylor v. Kobach Oral Argument

TOPEKA – Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair, issued a statement following the conclusion of oral arguments in the Taylor v. Kobach ballot challenge conducted this morning before the Kansas Supreme Court: 

It's clear that Kansans are demanding new leadership and an end to the partisan politics of Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach. The Kansas Democratic Party will continue to closely monitor this case as it proceeds through the court.


KDP Chair Wagnon Responds To DA Taylor's Legal Challenge Of Sec. of State Kobach's Partisan Decision To Keep Taylor On Ballot

TOPEKA – Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair, issued a statement in response to Topeka attorney Pedro Irigonegaray's filing on behalf of Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor in the Kansas Supreme Court:

We will watch closely as this legal challenge proceeds through the courts.  It is premature to comment on its merits, but one thing is clear: Kansans have no use for extremist politicians like Kris Kobach who continue to put partisan politics before what is best for Kansans.


Chair Wagnon Releases Statement On Chad Taylor's Decision To Withdraw From US Senate Campaign

TOPEKA – Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon released a statement in response to Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor's decision to withdraw his name as the Kansas Democratic Party nominee for United States Senate:

"We thank Chad Taylor for his service as a candidate and his continued service as the elected District Attorney of Shawnee County. It is clear that Kansans are ready for new leadership. We will be monitoring this race closely."


Brownback, Christie Share Record Of Credit Downgrades, Open Investigations

Sam Brownback and Chris Christie have a great deal in common: both have caused credit rating downgrades, both are dealing with criminal investigations of their staff and associates, and both have put their own political agendas before what’s best for the people of Kansas and New Jersey.

Now outside special interests like Gov. Christie’s Republican Governors Association are doing all they can to defend Sam Brownback’s failed leadership. But in the end there’s no defending Brownback’s failed experiment, especially by Gov. Christie who has the exact same record.

The fact is Kansas is going broke under Gov. Sam Brownback and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the last person he should turn to for financial advice.


Brownback Sneaks By No-Name, No-Money Primary Challenger

TOPEKA – Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon released the following statement on Governor Sam Brownback's anemic primary performance against his unknown and unfunded primary opponent Jennifer Winn:

"Tonight's results reflect the fact that voters know that Sam Brownback is not working for Kansas families," said Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair. "Kansans are holding Sam Brownback accountable for his attacks on Kansas schools, his broken promises on jobs, and his reckless tax experiment that is bankrupting our state."


False surge — Brownback vulnerability shows in misleading campaign loans

When it comes to campaign funds, Gov. Sam Brownback's wingman has come in handy.

Twice, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer has produced a sizable loan to improve the appearance of Brownback's campaign finance status and related support.

On Dec. 31, 2013, Colyer loaned the governor's campaign $500,000 just before a campaign finance filing deadline. Brownback and Colyer called the loan a commitment to a better future for Kansas children, and a way to help the governor take his message to voters.


Brownback, Colyer Again Try To Trick Kansas Voters With Sham Loan

TOPEKA – Yesterday, Governor Sam Brownback released his primary campaign finance report showing that Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer made a last-minute $500,000 loan to the Brownback campaign, just as he had done at the end of the last reporting period on December 31, 2013. Additionally, the governor's finance report showed his campaign had paid back Lt. Gov. Colyer's first loan on January 2, 2014, just two days after the original loan was made.


Brownback Flip-Flops In One Day On Energy Standards

TOPEKA – Yesterday morning Governor Sam Brownback told reporters he supported eliminating the renewable energy standards (RPS), but by late afternoon his office backtracked, issuing a statement saying just the opposite. This quick position flip-flop is not new for Gov. Brownback.

“In a rare moment of candor, the governor clearly supported the phase out of the RPS,” said Joan Wagnon, KDP Chair. “Yet after wind advocates voiced outrage, Sam Brownback flip-flopped in an attempt at damage control.”


KDP Files Full Slate Of Federal And Statewide Candidates

TOPEKA – The Kansas Democratic Party has fielded a complete slate of candidates for all federal and statewide Kansas offices as of today's noon campaign filing deadline. The slate is headlined by the strong gubernatorial ticket of Paul Davis and Jill Docking.



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