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National Committeewoman Responds to Kobach's Speech at White Nationalist Group

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, author of the “Your Papers Please” law has crossed the line once again.  Last week, while in DC, Kobach spoke at an event hosted by the known hate group, The Social Contract Press. The Social Contract Press, a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is known for publishing race-baiting articles from several noted nationalists, amongst which are published articles claiming that Latino activists want to “reclaim” the American Southwest.  I know hundreds of Latino activists across the country, and all would find that statement as absurd as it is offensive. 

Federal Lawsuit Against Secretary Kobach

In response to the federal lawsuit filed today against Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach that seeks to halt his removal of nearly 36,000 Kansas voters from the voting rolls, Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Kerry Gooch issued the following statement:

KDP Response to 90 Day Rule Hearing

TOPEKA, KS- This morning Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach held a public hearing on his proposed change to the voter registration statute that threatens to deny more than 30,000 Kansans access to the ballot.

The Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Kerry Gooch issued this statement following today's hearing: 

Kansas Democratic Party Hires New Executive Director

TOPEKA, KS- The Kansas Democratic Party has named Kerry Gooch as the new Executive Director of the Party.

“I am excited to announce Kerry Gooch as the next executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party. Kerry has the experience and leadership qualities that will help the Kansas Democratic Party grow on the local level and elect more Democrats across our great state," said Larry Meeker, State Party Chairman. "The Kansas Democratic Party is committed to investing in the future of Kansas and it starts by attracting and retaining talented young people." 

Hensley: Arthur Laffer Should Refund Consulting Fee

The following statement is attributed to Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley:

“Today, I call upon Arthur Laffer to refund the $75,000 paid to him as a consulting fee for recommendations made concerning Governor Brownback’s Tax Experiment. 

Hensley: Brownback administration can’t handle opposition

The following statement is attributed to Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley:

“Brownback’s welfare reform legislation is very punitive. When we debated it for several hours on the Senate floor, I had no doubt it would garner attention from media across the state and the country. This administration should expect such attention when it insists on reforms such as limiting the amount of money TANF recipients can get from an ATM to $25. 

Utilizing the Facebook page of a state agency with such a partisan and combative response only further demonstrates this administration’s resentment of opposing views.” 

KDP Chair Larry Meeker Responds to the Legislature's Investigation of Rep. Valdenia Winn

TOPEKA - The Kansas Democratic Party Chair, Larry Meeker, issued the following statement on the proceedings against Rep. Winn:

Hensley: Republicans block amendment addressing private email use by public officials

For Immediate Release                                                      

KDP Elects New Leadership Team

On Saturday afternoon, the Kansas Democratic Party ushered in a new slate of leaders to guide them through the 2016 election cycle. 

Kansas Democratic Party's Jason Perkey to Step Down as Executive Director

Perkey to Pursue New Opportunities in Democratic Politics

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon announced today that Jason Perkey will be stepping down as the KDP Executive Director, a position he has held since January of 2012.

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