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Online Petition Takes Aim at Speaker Merrick

Over 1,700 Kansans Sign Petition to Remove House Speaker

Kansas Democrats have launched an online petition to “Fire Ray Merrick” after the Kansas Speaker of the House was quoted recently saying, “Govern-ment employees produce nothing.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, 1,546 people had gone to and signed the petition. The goal is to reach 3,600 – or about one-tenth of the over 36,000 Kansas state employees.



KANSAS CITY - U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II (MO-5), former Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Joe Reardon and Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Jill Docking will headline a Get Out the Vote Rally in Kansas City this SATURDAY, November 1st from 11 am to 1 pm.  Cleaver, Reardon and Docking will join other local and statewide candidates as they speak with Democrats about the importance of voting in next week’s election.

WHO: U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II; Former KCK Mayor Joe Reardon; Jill Docking

WHAT: Get Out the Vote Rally



TOPEKA - KDP Executive Director Jason Perkey issued the following statement regarding the latest Rasmussen Reports poll released today showing Paul Davis leading Sam Brownback in the race for governor by 7 points, 52/45. 

Today’s poll is the latest piece of evidence showing that Kansans are ready to restore common sense to Kansas.  Working and middle-class families want to hold Brownback accountable for offering tax breaks to his friends while cutting funding for our schools.



With early voting under way, the Kansas Democratic Party launched an online Election Center today to provide citizens with information they will need to vote in the upcoming election.


Statement from Chair Joan Wagnon on Dakota Loomis's Southeast Kansas comments

Please find below a statement regarding Kansas Democratic Party employee Dakota Loomis and his inappropriate comments regarding Southeast Kansas:

"I was horrified to find that Dakota Loomis, one of our hardest working employees, in a lapse of judgment made insulting comments disparaging Southeast Kansas.

His action in no way reflects the attitude or feelings of the Kansas Democratic Party or myself. I have made many enjoyable trips to Southeast Kansas and deeply value the contributions made by the people of Southeast Kansas.


KDP Chair Joan Wagnon's Statement on the Dismissal of Orel v. KDP

October 1, 2014


First I’d like to thank the court for expediting and providing a resolution to this case. The Kansas Democratic Party is grateful for dismissing this case, which was quite frankly an exercise in “political theater” as noted by Judge Franklin Theis.

Second, I would like to make a few general comments about the events and how they unfolded.

There was no reason for the Kansas Democratic Party to expect or believe that DA Taylor would not continue as a candidate.  DA Taylor’s withdrawal from the race was not requested by any member of the Kansas Democratic Party Executive Committee and came as a surprise on September 3rd.


Kansas on the road to eliminating Medicare?

Kansas is the ninth state to sign on with the Health Care Compact Bill, granting these states the right to avoid federal health care regulations.The primary targets are Medicare and Medicaid, the tandem programs providing health benefits for all 65+ persons, disabled and low income. Currently, Congress will still need to authorize the Compact Bill in the next federal legislative session before it becomes law.


KDP Chair Wagnon Responds To Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Campaign Visit

TOPEKA – Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair, issued the following statement on recently indicted Gov. Rick Perry joining Gov. Sam Brownback for a high dollar fundraiser:

Sam Brownback has modeled his administration after recently indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry - and it shows.


KDP Chair Wagnon Responds To Kansas Supreme Court Order Overruling Kris Kobach

TOPEKA – Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair, responded to the Kansas Supreme Court order to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to remove Chad Taylor, former Kansas Democratic Party nominee for United States Senate, from the general election ballot:

I applaud the Kansas Supreme Court decision to follow the law and stop Kris Kobach from undermining Kansas democracy.  Kris Kobach has proven he cannot be trusted to fairly enforce the law. So long as Kris Kobach is Kansas Secretary of State, democracy is threatened.


KDP Chair's Statement Concerning Taylor v. Kobach Oral Argument

TOPEKA – Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair, issued a statement following the conclusion of oral arguments in the Taylor v. Kobach ballot challenge conducted this morning before the Kansas Supreme Court: 

It's clear that Kansans are demanding new leadership and an end to the partisan politics of Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach. The Kansas Democratic Party will continue to closely monitor this case as it proceeds through the court.



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