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Brownback Flip-Flops In One Day On Energy Standards

TOPEKA – Yesterday morning Governor Sam Brownback told reporters he supported eliminating the renewable energy standards (RPS), but by late afternoon his office backtracked, issuing a statement saying just the opposite. This quick position flip-flop is not new for Gov. Brownback.

“In a rare moment of candor, the governor clearly supported the phase out of the RPS,” said Joan Wagnon, KDP Chair. “Yet after wind advocates voiced outrage, Sam Brownback flip-flopped in an attempt at damage control.”


KDP Files Full Slate Of Federal And Statewide Candidates

TOPEKA – The Kansas Democratic Party has fielded a complete slate of candidates for all federal and statewide Kansas offices as of today's noon campaign filing deadline. The slate is headlined by the strong gubernatorial ticket of Paul Davis and Jill Docking.


Carmen Alldritt Files For State Treasurer, Will Return Responsible Leadership To Kansas

TOPEKA – Promising to bring responsible leadership to the State Treasurer's office, Carmen Alldritt filed paperwork today to run for Kansas State Treasurer.

“Kansas is being led down a path of financial ruin by Gov. Sam Brownback,” said Alldritt. “It's time to replace partisan politicians with moderate, fiscally responsible leaders who will do what's best for Kansas families."


Kansas Democrats Saddened By The Passing Of Bill Roy, Former Democratic Member Of Congress

TOPEKA – Jason Perkey, Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party, issued a statement following the passing of Dr. William "Bill" Roy, 88, a former Democratic member of Congress, United States Air Force veteran, and retired Topeka physician:


Bill establishing death gratuity benefits in Kansas becomes law

Bill proposed and championed by KDP Veterans & Military Families Caucus Chair Keith Humphrey

Yesterday, the governor signed bill introduced by United States Navy veteran Keith Humphrey, the Kansas Democratic Party's Veterans and Military Families Caucus Chair, in the wake of the federal government shutdown of 2013.

"The work done by Keith Humphrey is nothing short of amazing," said Jason Perkey, KDP Executive Director. "This bill guarantees that no Kansas military family will be abandoned by their government at the exact moment support is needed the most - when a loved one is lost."


Jenkins ought to know better

CPA recertification dust-up hurts her credibility

One can fault Kansas regulators for giving U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins permission to continue to identify herself in her congressional and campaign literature as a certified public accountant, even though she ceased being one when her certification expired in 2012.

It has the look of a favor, the sort of favor regulators ought to know better than to grant. That’s true even though Rep. Jenkins agreed not to perform the duties of a CPA.


Gov. Sam Brownback state's 'back door' boss

You learn something new every day.

Last week, I learned the Lawrence Arts Center has a back door.

Who knew?  Well, apparently Gov. Sam Brownback, when he came to talk to this year’s Leadership Kansas class.

This was a mundane presentation, without any news value. What did make news was the governor’s tactical entrance and exit, via an alley and the Art Center’s back door. 


Post calls Huelskamp's numbers false

In a post Friday on the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” blog, writer Glenn Kessler called out Rep. Tim Huelskamp for spreading false and misleading information about health care coverage in Kansas.

“There are more folks uninsured today in our district, we believe, than were uninsured before Obamacare kicked in,” Huelskamp had stated at the April 17 Town Hall meeting in Hays. Huelskamp has made this claim at other town hall meetings.

Kessler criticized Huelskamp for making statements that were not supported by any facts.


Challenger could help break DC gridlock Jenkins fosters

Movement toward the middle — rather than the radical ends of the political spectrum — is a likely outcome this election year at both the state and national level, following years of relative impasse on issues of importance to Kansans and Americans.


KDP Chair Joan Wagnon's Statement On Gov. Brownback Education Bill Signing

TOPEKA Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon issued the following statement following Gov. Sam Brownback's signing of the partisan school finance bill:



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