4th Congressional District Democrats Elect New Officers, Delegates To State Committee

Kansas Democrats from across Kansas's new 4th Congressional district gathered in Wichita to elect new officers and delegates to represent the 4th Congressional district at the Kansas Democratic Party's state committee meeting to be held on February 23rd during the KDP's Washington Days celebration. Ken Walsh, Halstead, was elected district chair while Terese Johnson, Wichita, joins Walsh as the 4th Congressional district vice-chair. Rounding out the slate, Diane Wahto, Wichita, will serve as the 4th Congressional district secretary while Leroy Lehman, Wichita, is the new 4th Congressional district treasurer.

In addition to officers, the meeting saw the election of the 4th Congressional district state committee delegates. A complete listing of all 36 delegates can be found below.

4th Congressional District Delegates

Kenneth Walsh - Halstead
Terese Johnson - Wichita
Leroy Lehman - Wichita
Judith Loganbill - Wichita
Mel Kahn - Wichita
Ardena Matlack - Clearwater
Jim Lawing - Wichita
Pat Lehman - Wichita
John Carmichael - Wichita
Marge Zakoura-Vaughan - Wichita
Charles McAfee - Wichita
Sondra Luke - Wichita
Craig Rich - Wichita
Elizabeth Bishop - Wichita
Chester Selmon - Wichita
Diane Wahto - Wichita
Ron Tracy - Wichita
Jane Billingsley - Derby
Brandon Mills - Wichita
Lynn Wells - Derby
Patrick Cantrell - Wichita
Kate Davis - Wichita
Jeff Wicks - Wichita
Carolyn Fugit - Wichita
Esau Freeman - Wichita
Janell Walsh - Halstead
Kermit Brown - Preston
Glenda Reynolds - Whitewater
Bill (Ernest) Reynolds - Whitewater
Cindy Pelky - Hamilton
Terry Jones - Winfield
Sylvia Kelly - Newton
John (Mark) Bartlett - Arkansas City
Jean Farrar - Newton
Keith Olhausen - Arkansas City
Sharon Gordon - Udall

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