Margie Wakefield Biography - 2nd Congressional District

Margie Wakefield was born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1957 with public service in her blood. Margie’s Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather General James Craig served in Congress from 1857 to 1861. Her mother, Mary Garth Grace, was a tireless volunteer in her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri. And one of Margie’s earliest memories as a child is going door-to-door, campaigning with her Grandfather Garth on behalf of local candidates.

Margie has carried on the family tradition of community service through her work as a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters, as a former member of the Kiwanis Service Club, and as a previous secretary of the board of trustees for the Douglas County Library, among others things.

Margie received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri in 1980. After graduating from college, Margie worked in Sen. Bob Dole’s office in Topeka, Kansas doing constituent services. From Sen. Dole, Margie learned the importance of civil discourse, compromise, and listening to constituents.

In 1985, Margie earned her law degree from the University of Kansas. A member of the American Bar Association and the Kansas Bar Association, Margie has maintained a law office in Douglas County since that time. She currently owns her own practice, Margie Wakefield Law Office, P.A., where she focuses on family law. Margie’s success as an attorney has been built upon her honesty and her ability to negotiate deals between opposing parties.

Margie is an active member of the Democratic Party. She has served as a precinct committeewoman, chair of the statewide Protect the Vote project, and as a delegate to the national convention. She is currently the chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party and the Second Congressional District Caucus. In these roles, she regularly travels throughout the state listening to Kansans concerns about the direction the state and nation are headed.

Margie lives in Lawrence and has two grown sons, Jon and James.

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